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Welcome to Yahfatmin Farms Online.


Yahfatmin farms started off as Ar-Raudah Farms paying a lot of attention to goat-herding cattle sheep and goat. The farm was set up in Abeokuta, south-western region of Nigeria. Our intent was to raise "4 legs" in the south using renewable energy almost entirely on the farm.

Soon enough we morphed into Yahfatmin Farms Ltd and extended farm activities to include Fish Farming, Poultry, Snailry, Rabitry, Maggotry, small ruminant breeding. Being Engineers too, we have also deployed a lot of emerging technology and have extended our services to showcase a lot of engineering in farming. We also extended our services to Engineering Consultancy.

Feed production for fish, ruminants and poultry is our pet project. We produce good quality, true-mix floating feed for fish, hay and silage for ruminants and excellent mix for poultry be it for layers, broilers or for breeders.

Our farms are located in Abeokuta, Ogun State and in Nassarawa State.