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Welcome to our Butcher's Corner.


Introducing of animal share service - more fun, more convenience.

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What is this about?

With our animal share service, we offer you even more convenience. You can order your whole cows, goats or rams. We will slaughter, cut and clean while maintaining the highest of standards under the best of conditions.

Rest assured that your meat will be halal, and would have been prepared under hygienic conditions. We slaughter and deliver real time so it can't be anything other than farm fresh.

How it works.

We maintain high health standards for our animals and keep a bank of them ready to go. We slaughter the animals only when they are calm, laying on their right side and facing the Qibla. Then we allow a 'bleeding' period, a period for the animal to die while blood drains from its body in the process. 5 minutes for goats, 7 minutes for rams and 25 minutes for cows. No shocking, no stunning, no electric prods. Just bleeding. Complete bleeding. Completely halal.

Then we 'butcher', cut to bite size, clean and package and it's all yours. You tell us in how many parts you want it packaged and we deliver to the locations you want.

Convenience - Finally!

For our women, wives, sisters, mothers, there is no need to go do the dirty work at the abattoirs, no need for all the blood and rumen content mess, no need for all the hassles and worries. Just place your order online and give the instructions and then look out for the delivery man.

For those who care anything about the health of the animals being slaughtered, now you do not have to worry about sick or dead animals. We challenge you to trust our standards. If you would like to visit our facility in Lagos, please be our guest.

Simple, easy, convenient.... Affordable! It can't get any better. Not yet.